1. How do I buy D2R items?

Buying D2R items has never been so easy. Just pick an item, confirm your cart, then enter your details: Enter your Battle TAG / XBOX ID / PSN ID and in-game name, choose your servers (US, EU, or Asia), select your payment method and click "Pay Now." As simple as that!


2. What payment methods are accepted for Diablo 2 resurrected items on your website?

We accept Credit Cards, Sofort, Alipay, and more.


3. How long does it take for you to deliver my items?

If the information you offered is correct, your items will be delivered to your account within 30mins after the payment, yet sometimes the transfer is made in just a few minutes. If you have any questions, be free to contact our chat operators, who are online 24/7 all the time to give professional answers and resolutions.


4. Can I get banned?

There is a small theoretical chance that you will be banned, but this has never happened to any of our clients in our practice. We have a team of high-level players who can craft all the best items, so the items you get are completely legit.


5. Are you legit?

Yes! We have been trading in-game items for years, and we have built a reputation for building legit and fair in-game item selling websites with very professional customer service.


6. When will you add some new items?

If you want any items you can't find in our store, please message our live support. We value your feedback a lot, and if we see that a certain item is requested often, we will add it for sure. Our team tracks your requests, and if an item is popular, we will work hard to locate it and add it to the shop.


7. Do I need to provide any documents?

In some cases, we ask our buyers to provide some documents proving ownership of the credit card used to pay for their order. For example, you might be asked to take a picture of your Driver's License or a photo of you holding the credit card you used to pay.

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