D2R: 1000 Lower Kurast Runs [Nintendo Switch]

Diablo 2: Resurrected Date: Feb/16/22 15:28:55 Views: 995

It's a popular farming spot in single-player for high runes. Run on Nintendo Switch with a Hammerdin, using /33 charge Teleport Staff In hunt for high runes to make Enigma, HoTo, etc. 1-500 Speed Super...501-1000 Full LK Clear (45 Hours)


D2R: 1000 Lower Kurast Runs [Nintendo Switch]


001 - 200


1x 6% MF SC

2x 7% MF SC

1x Pul

1x Um

1x Mal

2x Gul

2x Lum

2x 3os Mage Plate

1x 5os Flail




1x 6% MF SC

1x 3os Mage Plate 8%ED

1x 4os Flail

1x Druid +1Summon GC

1x Druid +1Elemental GC

1x Necro +1Poison/Bone GC

1x Sorceress +1Fire GC

1x Pul

1x Ist

2x Fal




1x 7% MF +19AR SC

1x 6% MF +18AR SC

1x Amazon +1Pass/Magic GC

1x Sorceress +1 Lightning GC

2x Fal (520 Super)

1x Mal (522 Super)

1x +19 Life SC (584 Super)

1x +7% MF SC (586 Super)

1x Ohm (592 Stash)




1x Pul (601 Log)

1x 5% MF 10% Fire Res SC

2x Fal (608 Super, 669 Super)

4x Lum (616 Super, 646 Log )

1x Um (630 Super)

1x String of Ears %155/10/10 (670 Stash)

1x 3os Mage Plate 13% ED (703 Rack)

1x Necro +1Poison/Bone GC (719 Log)

1x Nagelring 22% (724 Corpse)

1x Sur (750 Log) R

1x Ohm (774 Stash) N

1x Vex (781 Chest) G

1x Razortail 147%ED (781 Tree Lurker)

1x 6%MF 3%Light Res SC (789 Super)

1x 6% MF SC (794 Super)




10x Lum

1x Amazon +1 Pass/Magic GC (804 Skel)

1x Mara's 22 Res (809 Skel)

1x Sin +1MartArts +39 Life GC (809 Super)

1x Chance Guards 32MF (809 Buzzard)

3x Lem (817 Log, 853 Skel, 864)

1x Sorceress +1Lightning GC (830 Skel)

2x Fal (835 Stash, 853 Super)

1x Lidless Wall 129%ED (837 Basket)

1x Ko (846)

5x Pul (870,874 Super, 930 Stash)

1x Mal (932 Stash)

1x Gul (948 Super)

1x Vex (950 Super)

1x Sur (966 Super)


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